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Mother Son & Daddy Daughter Ball Registration Tickets

Thank you for Registering for the Mother Son & Daddy Daughter Ball. Now let's make this offical by purchasing your Advance Tickets. (Note: Tickets are $25 for Mother Son; $25 Daddy Daughter; and $50 for Mother Son & Daddy Daughter. If there is an additional Son or daughter Add $15).

1. Purchase your Tickets via Cash App to $letitout -$letitout

or below via PayPal or use debit/credit card.

2. The Ball is on Saturday, May 7, 2022 @ 4pm - 6pm @ Trenholm Park Gym @ 3900 Covenant Road Columbia, SC 29204

Remember: This "Ball" will be filled with dancing, Mother Son Dance Off, Daddy Daughter Dance Off, Door Prizes, and more!  See you there!

Questions? Contact Ms. Melissa @ 803.240.3360 or email @ [email protected].

Ball Tickets